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cool game:

Very Spooky!

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I love this game. I WANT PART 2 PLZ

I download the game on MAC but when I open it it says the app can't open but doesn't say why. Can you explain this problem to me please?

I don't own Mac but apparently a recent update blocks all unsigned programs from running. I think you can Google a fix, but as I don't own a Mac I can't help you, I'm sorry.

It's ok,  I understand. Btw I already fixed the problem after searching on the internet. I'll send you the link to my gameplay when I finished. But, if you'd like, please subscribe to me on YT:

P.S (just in case): On mac, you need to type a command "chmod +x" and then the file that open the app + I want to be friends.

P.P.S: I also try doing games

This one gave me the creeps. Big Time.


awesome if brightness was higher then I would be able to see

Did you get the flashlight? I'm sorry there is no brightness slider.

This was fun. I made a new friend. I agree with Absolute Voltz vvv, very reminiscent of poltergiest with was amazing.

All I am going to say is.... this is a reminder of Poltergiest.... and I hate it and love it!

You made a cool and scary game and I was actually on the edge.... which is good!

Hmm i think i will like this

To sum up this game. You basically are just a kid going down stairs late night with his imagination running wild and everything here was all just a DREEAAMMM....

I would love to see a continuation of this soon!



I love how smooth this game was, visually and playing-wise! Didn't think it would freak me out as much as it did. I made a game play on it if you would like to see!

this was pretty slick, similar approaches to how i work on 1st person projects , well executed with the glitches and the appearing , good job looking forward to future projects

Played your game in a little indie romp. This was great, I sing you praise ((not actually sing)) at the end of the game. Hope you enjoy the video :)

your game starts at the 54 second mark

Loved this short little horror! Wasn’t quite scared at first cause of the affects but that soon changed with the story, fun scary game! Would love to play more 😃 great work! Gameplay starts at 9:02 if you’re interested :)

Such a great short horror game! I like the intensity that builds throughout!


A uniquely set horror game that revolves around your TV being the thing that haunts you. Really awesome setup and great ambiance. A few bugs were here and there like the one at the top of the staircase where you can get stuck and some sounds being played from the wrong direction. Overall a good game.

Thank you! I tried with all my limited knowledge to get the music sounding from the right side but alas...

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pretty scary ,good job ,but the ending was anty climactic? well made game thou i aprichiate. :) (sorry for my englich)

very weird, but good at the same time. there's lot's of points where cartoons played, hinting the lore of the game. but at the end of the game, it ended on a cliffhanger, can't wait to see what happens next. better monster designs then Anatidaephobia, it makes it like the other way around, instead of you watching the tv, the tv watches you.

One of the better indie games ive played in a while great job!

This game is awesome. It gives a late 90s horror vibe that I enjoy. Check it out and have fun. 

A really interesting game. Here's the gameplay of it.

Great game, loved playing it. I just wish it had been longer 


Great Game!! the silence really put me on edge

TV Night appared in the first games of terror! also nice and spooky game well done

I love this game its not too scary but that's ok I like the old pixel style that you went with keep up the hard work and make more games like this one thank for the game

Hey just wanted to say I enjoyed the game. The style and gameplay were quite unique, although the story felt slightly ambiguous, I think it is well done overall.

A really dope game. The style and atmosphere really set the tone perfectly! 

Smash Mouth??? :P 

Love me a pixel horror! really good atmosphere ! 😄

hi, big thx for the great game. i love it. greetings from rosti

a very fun short experience! Really enjoyed it

I enjoyed it. There are a couple of good scares.

Thank you!

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The antagonist looks kinda silly though...

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The pixelated filter was kinda deadly to my eyes, but nevertheless, a pretty solid short game! You should totally make more!

Very creepy and lots of fun! Watch us freak out! Just wish it was a wee bit longer

Hope I learn enough to put more stuff in the next one :)

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